IR Remote Control


In this page you can find links to similar projects that use different micro controllers and comments or feedback received



IR control with the Palm :

Alan's remote control with Microchip PIC 12F675 :

Jan's remote control with Microchip PIC 12F675 :

Jonas's remote control with ATMega8 and LCD display (info only) :

Michel's ATTiny 2313 multishot version :


Keng : he’s a guy from Thailand (Asia) and was the first to report having successfully realized my project. He used an AT90S2313 without problems. Here is his story:

Hi Mike
I bought the components for your IR remote at an electronic shop.. I spent about 110bath (more or less 3$ US ).
D70 original remotes cost 1200bath (about 32$ US)!!!
I built the IR in my office in a few minutes. It doesn’t look nice but I’m excited!
I tested the IR in my office and it WORKS! alright!
The IR controls my D70 with about an 18m range.

Some time soon I will put everything into a small box like you did:)

Thank you very much for everything Mike! :)

.....(a few days later)...

I began working on the small box , and finished in about 1 hour.
After installing a new battery the range was approximately 18 m. After 2 weeks use (about 300 pics using only IR function, no one finger shots) the range reduced to about 12 m.

I’m not going to change the battery yet because I usually only need a 4-6 m
range, or I stand behind the D70 and take night shots with a 45° angle near the bottom of the tripod.

Next time I will use fiber optics to modify the IR remote.

And his photos:


Napakettu from Finland : he worked to find the right values for the delay routine for version 1.0 of the program using a crystal at 4 MHz. I won't post it here because his work was done before the new waveform. Here are some shots of his remote control:


Søren from Denmark : he have modified the old 1.0 version to work with the new waveform at 10 MHz and 4 MHz. You can download both versions here: [Download]. Be careful: at 10 MHz the microcontroller doesn't work with only 3 volts. Here are some shots of his remote control: