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Splash in the glass

PostPosted: 15/01/2013, 21:20
by bigmike
Just a simple idea to start to use the trigger.

set fotografico.png
The set

A = The camera on tripod
B = Glass and splashing object
C = Main flash connected to the trigger
D = Background
E = Slave flash (optional)


The result

Playing with the white balance

Re: Splash in the glass

PostPosted: 28/02/2013, 12:19
by T0PC4T
I love the apples as 'stabalizing devices' :)

Question : What power would you recommend on the flash ?

(or any other settings that you would recommend)

Re: Splash in the glass

PostPosted: 01/03/2013, 17:52
by bigmike
In most cases I use two flashes (I ordered the 3th ;) ) at low power (1/32 to 1/128).
f/6.3 - f/8 depending by the scene