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by T0PC4T
11/03/2013, 22:05
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Topic: Kill the Tomato
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Kill the Tomato

Using the new flash @ 1/64 - this was f/7.1 for 2.5sec
by T0PC4T
11/03/2013, 22:02
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Topic: More Coloured Water
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More Coloured Water

Change the Lens for the Sigma / Macro.
by T0PC4T
01/03/2013, 22:15
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Topic: BB Gun and Glass
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BB Gun and Glass

Ball Bearing Gun against Glass (with coloured water)


by T0PC4T
01/03/2013, 22:06
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Topic: Balloon and Water
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Balloon and Water

Standard Balloon filled with Coloured Water.

Sound Sensor set up directly to the right of the balloon.
You can see the stress areas where the balloon has initially broken.
by T0PC4T
01/03/2013, 14:40
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Topic: Exploding 'FUN SNAPS'
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Exploding 'FUN SNAPS'

Small white parcels - used to throw / drop on the floor to make a snap / explosive noise.

Flash set to maximum of 1/16 (Not quite enough)
As I have already identified - I need a flash capable of up to 1/128 (Might get away with 1/64)

However - Brilliant Fun :) :D
by T0PC4T
28/02/2013, 21:58
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Topic: More Pics
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More Pics

Getting Happier with the set up, and the results.
by T0PC4T
28/02/2013, 12:19
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Topic: Splash in the glass
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Re: Splash in the glass

I love the apples as 'stabalizing devices' :)

Question : What power would you recommend on the flash ?

(or any other settings that you would recommend)
by T0PC4T
28/02/2013, 12:16
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Topic: ARDUINO Setup
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Has anybody attempted to do speed capture with the Arduino ?
by T0PC4T
28/02/2013, 12:13
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Topic: Playing With Water (and Fruit) - 2
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Playing With Water (and Fruit) - 2

Things got a little wet on the work surface.

(was a newly oiled kitchen work surface :roll: )

BUT - We need to have fun :D
by T0PC4T
28/02/2013, 12:09
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Topic: Playing With Water (and Fruit)
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Playing With Water (and Fruit)

More Playing

Decision made - will be buying a 'better flash' - capable of running at 1/128

All these images are at 1/16 . .